2021 Best Practices To Simplify Ecommerce Accounting

Our 3rd party integration tool has helped thousands of small business owners simplify ecommerce accounting since 2010. 

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Our Successful Customers
Kate Harvey
Co-Founder,  Bare Bones Broth

"I love that Connex is flexible, customizable, and reliable. It just works, so I don’t ever have to think about syncing my inventory and sales orders from Shopify to Quickbooks. It seems like my accounting team has infinite options for tailoring the connector to our specific needs."

Tom Tennessen
Interim CFO, PipeKnief

"Connex allows us to streamline processes through automation [and] handle larger volumes of business with same number of people. Sales are up 24% year-over-year and in July, sales were up 141% over last year. We were able to integrate a $700,000 acquisition on day one not missing a beat!"

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